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We are THE BEST for Your business!

HR Solutions

Human Resource Management System Java project aimed to provide web based HR management tool for all types of organizations . This project includes employee personal and professional details tracking system, providing soft skills related training center for all employees, working with the technical team to recruit fresher’s and technical professionals into the projects..

With the word recruitment, a fight with hefty of resumes is the first thing that strikes our mind. This implies towards the need for a solution that can effectively manage the data of all job seekers in a sorted format. At Zenith services Inc, we aim at providing you a solution that will not only help in keeping track of critical information, but will also help in reducing business expenses. And our HRMS solution is serving the purpose in an ideal way.

How our HRMS is useful ?
  • Allows posting information about various openings
  • Enables you to screen and search efficiently
  • Helps maintain a database of manpower consultants
  • Helps processing the offers as well as joining
  • Tracking records of reference-check data